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Camp Toccoa
A Band of Brothers slash community
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bob - winnix - marry me
Hello nice people! I'm very slowly updating my list of d00m, where I have the links to all the older BoB fanfics from 2003 to 2007.

Of course, now there is AO3 and its magnificent tag system (btw, why they tag Joseph Liebgott/Kenyon Webster? wtf) but we all remember a darker time, isn't?

Long story, short version: in the years I left BoB fandom (sorry, the migration to tumblr didn't work for me) where the fandom went?
I know there is easycotroopers@dreamwidth.
Other suggestions? Thank you!

p.s. I'm also slowly checking the tags on camp_toccoa
Hi! My name is Laura and I've spent the last eight years under a very fat rock far far away from the fandom. That is, until a month ago, when I found out that BoB existed (thanks to a second-hand store and a DVD box set). So I think I'm probably the latest fan this fandom has, lucky him.
Nice to meet you all!

So... I tried my hand at something new. Nixon/Winters, roughly 6k, NC-17. Since English is not my native language and this is the first piece of fiction I've ever written in a language other than my own, I would really appreciate a thorough (but kind) beta to beat it into shape.
Thanks in advance to anyone who might feel like helping!

Title: In some special ways their story will always be the same
Author: mols
Rating: T
Word Count: 1582
Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Band of Brothers, nor do I mean any disrespect to the real guys.

Summary: Lewis Nixon is Easy's Medic for reasons he doesn't even understand but still does his job as properly.

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9th-May-2018 05:18 pm - What love is

Title: What love is
Author: mols
Rating: G
Word Count: 404
Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Band of Brothers, nor do I mean any disrespect to the real guys.

Summary: Louise thinks of Dixie, her girlfriend.

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27th-Mar-2018 02:51 am - Sweet dreams are made of this

Kinktober 2017 — Promp: Dirty Talk.

Title: Sweet dreams are made of this
Author: teimandoemsereu
Rating: E
Word Count: 1,298
Pairings: George Luz x Ronald Speirs
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, kinky.
Genre: PWP/smut
Summary: Suddenly George is caught in the middle of the Captain's private session.

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