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Camp Toccoa
A Band of Brothers slash community
Recent Entries 
Hi! My name is Laura and I've spent the last eight years under a very fat rock far far away from the fandom. That is, until a month ago, when I found out that BoB existed (thanks to a second-hand store and a DVD box set). So I think I'm probably the latest fan this fandom has, lucky him.
Nice to meet you all!

So... I tried my hand at something new. Nixon/Winters, roughly 6k, NC-17. Since English is not my native language and this is the first piece of fiction I've ever written in a language other than my own, I would really appreciate a thorough (but kind) beta to beat it into shape.
Thanks in advance to anyone who might feel like helping!

Title: In some special ways their story will always be the same
Author: mols
Rating: T
Word Count: 1582
Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Band of Brothers, nor do I mean any disrespect to the real guys.

Summary: Lewis Nixon is Easy's Medic for reasons he doesn't even understand but still does his job as properly.

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9th-May-2018 05:18 pm - What love is

Title: What love is
Author: mols
Rating: G
Word Count: 404
Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Band of Brothers, nor do I mean any disrespect to the real guys.

Summary: Louise thinks of Dixie, her girlfriend.

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27th-Mar-2018 02:51 am - Sweet dreams are made of this

Kinktober 2017 — Promp: Dirty Talk.

Title: Sweet dreams are made of this
Author: teimandoemsereu
Rating: E
Word Count: 1,298
Pairings: George Luz x Ronald Speirs
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, kinky.
Genre: PWP/smut
Summary: Suddenly George is caught in the middle of the Captain's private session.

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21st-Mar-2018 08:20 pm - Not in a million years

Title: Not in a million years
Author: teimandoemsereu
Rating: M
Word Count: 677
Pairings: Winters/Speirs.
Warnings: None? Just implied sexual content.
Genre: Angst with happy end.
Summary: Prompt: "I know you said not to get attached but I was already attached before this" + Dick/Ron ;)

Disclaimer: I do not own Band of Brothers, nor does this work mean any disrespect to those portrayed in the series. This is a work of fiction based on actors’ portrayals in the HBO series, not the actual soldiers.

Ron’s lips stop moving over his skin as soon as the words are out of Dick’s mouth. Dick can still feel the lips lingering on his collarbone, wet and swollen, but he also knows that Ron is thinking now, judging throughout the confession he had just listened. His lips skim almost ghostly against the bow of Dick’s shoulder as he moves, slowly and carefully, as if trying to situate himself also spatially. His hands still wrapped around the redhead’s waist.

“You were?” Ron asked, simply.

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