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Camp Toccoa

A Band of Brothers slash community

Camp Toccoa: Band of Brothers slash
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Camp Toccoa: A community for slash fanworks and discussion related to the HBO TV series Band of Brothers.

Important disclaimer -

The TV series Band of Brothers is the property of HBO, Playtone, Dreamworks and the estate of Stephen E. Ambrose; no infringement of copyright is intended. The stories and art posted to this community are works of fiction based on the miniseries, and do not claim to represent assertions about any real events or people.

Some rules -

1. Be civil. We welcome lively discussion, differences of opinion and constructive criticism, but we don't care for personal attacks or intolerant behaviour. If you've got a problem with a post or an individual, take it to your personal journal. If you have a serious objection to something said or posted here, don't hesitate to contact one of the mods.

2. There aren't any other rules.

Some guidelines -

* Camp Toccoa is first and foremost a slash comm, ie. its focus is on discussion and fanworks about imagined romantic relationships between two or more male characters. The range of content allowed here is somewhat broader than that, and general discussion and links to resources are more than welcome, but do keep it in mind. If you've got a gen or het story to post, why not try our affiliate comm, aldbournewhores?

* When posting fic, please follow the header guideline below:

Notes or Warnings:

You don't have to do it exactly like that, but at the very least it's good manners to inform readers of the title, rating, and anything controversial they ought to be aware of.

* If your fic is a work in progress, please include links to the previous chapters, or a master list hosted on your journal.

* Warnings are important! If you spend long enough in any fandom you'll almost certainly come across big arguments over unwarned-for content - people like to be alerted to things they might not wish to see. What to warn for is a matter of personal taste, but as a rule of thumb, you should definitely warn for things like non-canonical character death, extreme violence, and non-consensual sex, and you don't need to warn for swearing or homosexual (or heterosexual!) relationships.

* Anything goes when it comes to content of fanworks, but we politely request that stories dealing with more controversial subjects - eg. underage sex, incest, mpreg, torture and other things that tend to be the cause of the non-fun kind of wanking - be set to 'members only'.

* Please don't post links to locked LJ posts! Don't be afraid to use the 'members only' function if you don't want everyone seeing your work.

* Know your HTML. Everybody's new to LJ at some point, and it's not the most intuitive thing in the world, but please do take care to get your coding right and preview before your post - otherwise instead of comments to your fantastic fic, all you'll get is people telling you to fix up your funky HTML!

The main things to remember are to always use an LJ cut on long posts and close formatting tags (such as bold and italics). The Rich Text Editor may look like an easy shortcut, but it's actually more trouble than it's worth. profcricket has a great beginner's guide to useful HTML here.

For those of you who do know your HTML, resist the urge to overdo it. For the sake of ease of reading, it's best to keep to the default colours, fonts and font sizes - what looks good on your layout may be unreadable on somebody else's f-list.

* Keep ads and intro posts to a minimum. Crossposting's allowed, but don't overdo it - most people in this comm are members of more than one BoB comm.

* Use the tags. There's a short guide to some of the tags we use here. However, only mods are able to create new tags, so if you're a brand new author, you'll have to wait for one of us to make you a personal author tag. We check pretty regularly, so you don't generally need to alert us.

Our affiliates -

aldbournewhores - A general BoB fan community
bobfandom_links - BoB Fandom Links
no_vices - Winters/Nixon ship community
yoursecretssafe - Webster/Liebgott ship community

Your moderators -

Camp Toccoa is currently maintained by skyearth85 and skew_whiff. Our maintainers emeritus are tiny_and_green and profcricket. Got a question about the comm? Just send a private message to Sky or Skew, via their profiles.

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